A smart water meter for everyone

The City of Antwerp wants every resident to have a smart water meter by the end of 2020, so it signed a concession in the City Hall on Thursday with water company Water-Lek and joint venture ENGIE Fabricom-Hydroko.

In cooperation with joint venture ENGIE Fabricom-Hydroko, water-link is launching a pilot scheme with the installation of one thousand smart meters during a year at homes in Antwerp. If the pilot project is evaluated as positive, the company will install 205,000 meters across the city over a period of three to four years. Every inhabitant of Antwerp might therefore have a smart meter by the end of 2020.

"New Age"

Water-link president André Gantman is pleased with the agreement. “We’ve been working closely with the city of Antwerp for 135 years," says the company’s chief. "It is an atypical city, and we are an atypical company. From now on, our customers will be our partners, because if you want to know, you have to measure. We are entering a new era."

Finance Alderman Koen Kennis (N-VA) shares his opinion. "Technology is always on the move," he says. “This is an opportunity for our city to be more transparent, cheaper and make life easier for its inhabitants. The City of Antwerp is in constant change, where the principle of the survival of the smartest reigns. With these smart water meters, we are opting for progress."

"This initiative is not only smart, it’s economical," according to Fons Duchateau, president of the Public Centre for Social Welfare. “We have wrongly regarded water as a basic right. With this agreement, we can provide a minimum amount of water for each individual in the city who might need it. Smart and social.” (bap)

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Source: Gazet van Antwerpen 24/06/2016