Smart water meter for every Antwerp household by the end of 2020

Antwerp water company water-link wants to install 205,000 smart meters in every household in Antwerp over the coming years. Yesterday, a concession agreement to this effect was signed in Antwerp City Hall. The meters send readings on a daily basis, which permits real-time billing, rapid leak detection, and more rational use of water.

Antwerp has been positioning itself as a ‘City of Things' for some time, where all kinds of data are collected to improve the efficiency of services.

Yesterday, water-link officially signed a concession agreement under which a network of smart meters will be installed. ENGIE Fabricom and Hydroko will be responsible for the meters. Dozens of antennas will also be erected in the city to receive encrypted data on a daily basis. (Belga)

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Source: De Standaard 24/06/2016