Water-link testing smart water meters in Antwerp

The Antwerp water company water-link is installing smart water meters in Antwerp, in cooperation with ENGIE, Fabricom and Hydroko. This one-year pilot project involves the installation of one thousand smart water meters. If the results are positive, this may be extended to 205,000 smart meters within three to four years.

These smart meters can be read remotely every day using the wireless network installed and managed in Belgium by ENGIE M2M. This network is based on the global SIGFOX connectivity system for the Internet of Things. Basically, it means every household in Antwerp will be fitted with a smart meter by 2020.

How does a smart water meter work?

Every water meter is fitted with a smart digital system and a telecommunications module. This allows it to transmit data wirelessly over the SIGFOX network to a Hydroko application, which can then be used by water-link. Communication is 2-way, so the smart meter can also receive data and instructions from the application.

The SIGFOX network is a global Internet of Things network, the aim of which is to link all kinds of devices or objects with an application via the internet. In Belgium, this network is being rolled out and managed by ENGIE M2M, a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group.

The data sent by the water meter is analyzed and processed by water-link, which enables the company to quickly detect and solve any technical problems, such as leaks. Water-link is therefore able to respond quickly and, if necessary, either send a technician to resolve the problem on the spot, or send corrective instructions to the meter remotely. (Kevin Stickens)

Source: Computable 24 June, 2016